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Grow in Joy_Vendégház esti holdfényben
Danube Riverside Experiences
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Grow in Joy-Fairy Cottage
Love of natureHarmony for the mind, body and soulPrivacy

35 kms from the Capital at Danube Riverside

3000 sqm area with parking

At Natura 2000 Nature Preserve

Undisturbed, peaceful waterworld with soothing energies

Private pier at the best fishing area of the river branch

Kayak, canoe, professional fishing kayak for tours

Salt room: salt-brick, salt-ionizator, chakra-colours, vibration sound system, starry night ceiling

Sauna: chakra-colours, vibrational sound system, mountain crystal

Covered, winter-proof terrace (85 sqm) with Danube view

Covered, winter-proof bar at the river bank

Wood-fired oven, open-fire stew bowl, grill, wok, biertap

1 room, 2 mini apartments  with queen-sized beds

2 equipped kitchens, each with dishwasher


Accommodation for max. 16

Daytime parties, events organised for up to 30 guests

Fairy Cottage - pictures

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Sószoba, kilátás
Grow in Joy_Hot tub at work_Jakuzzi működőben
Grow in Joy_Sauna w mountain crystal_Sauna hegyikristállyal
Fedett, téliesített nagyterasz, teraszfűtéssel
Grow in Joy_Fireplace_Tűzrakó
Grow in Joy_covered terrace at sunset_fedett nagyterasz esti fények
Grow in Joy_Studio with garden view_Kertre néző minigarzon
Grow in Joy_Patio to playground and wellness_Tipegő a játszótér és wellness részleg felé
Grow in Joy_Private pier, waterworld_Saját stég vízivilág
Grow in Joy_Wooden structures_Faépítmények
Grow in Joy_Studio w Danube view_Dunára néző minigarzon
Grow in Joy_Bar
Romantikus este a stégen
Természetfilm élőben a bárpultnál

Actual reservations, events

For reservations, please call or mail us!


The place is like a fairy cottage or a jewellry box with cabin-style rooms, large terraces ruled by blue and green colours, plants and trees. A real waterworld awaits with its wonders and undisturbed peace. The Cottage and its infrastructure is located at the bank of the Rackeve Danube river branch, at its widest and most picturesque spot. The reeds and swampy grassland in front is part of a Nature Preserve.


Peace, serenity and balance prevail here. For the most part through the year, what you hear are singing birds (such as the golden oriole, the blackbird, thee cuckoo, the dove, the tit, the warbler and many other); their song woven into the sound of reed and poplar leaves shaken by the wind. Or when the cooling summer breeze brings a short fishermen's talk or remote snatches of conversations across the river. You can really hear a pin drop here!

If you search for a place to stay, or for an event venue or wish to celebrate someone or something...

This is your place if you like water-world, nature and wish to experience undisturbed peace and tranquility. If it matters to you that the Cottage offers a wide-range of options for activities and recreation respecting your personal space and privacy, then make a reservation and have an experience! This is a romantic place for couples, partners, families, friends and smaller groups. Indeed, a versatile, stylish yet easy-going place awaits your visit. ...and the price includes it all: sauna, salt room, pool, bar at the Danube, private pier, hammock, kayak-canoe, wood-fired oven, all kitchen equipments and cooking devices.  details...

If you search for a place for the purpose of "me-time", inner growth, business- or team building...

What is the essence of a retreat? Slowing down, calmness, turning inwards, inner attention, relaxed concentration, release of creative energies, broadening consciousness.  The place and its surrounding may well be best at these, may provide the most at these fields. The magic of the environment stimulates the release of positive, creative energies. This is true for both business (team-building, business strategy-building, problem-solving) and spiritual dimensions. Very good energies with all elements of the Universe are present at the Cottage. The main element here is water, of course. The presence of Danube river offers many options such as waterside meditation or yoga individually or in groups. Use the sauna for chakra-meditation or the salt-room for breathing- and concentration exercises. This is the world of feelings, emotions, intuition and the subconscious primarily. details...

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