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What kind of retreats?


The Cottage offers an excellent solution for both business- and spiritual retreats, either privately or in smallers groups:

(1) Business meetings, strategy- or business-building, team-building, brainstorming, problem-solving. In other words, if your intention is to build and wish to invoke/ use creative energies, come, visit us! The place and environment shall be revealing its nurturing qualities to bring the best out of yourself and of your business.

(2) Retreats for individuals or for smaller groups for a couple of days or for a longer stay with the purpose to recharge, turn inwards, self-heal, meditate, concentrate or balance inner energies. The place and environment shall reveal its gentle, caring side to you like a natural.

(3) Individual conversations in the field of life-coaching, particularly, at the time of significant changes to your life are considered or experienced. Read more about it here.

(4) "Here and Now" Retreats. These consist of sessions for individuals; and  You can read more about it here and here.

(5) Short, intraday, tailored sessions or programs for medium-sized groups around a specific topic or theme, such as yoga, meditation, qi-gong, wellness, concentration, nature, individual/ inner growth, conversations.

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Actual reservations, events

For reservations call us or mail us!

Why will you find the Cottage to be a perfect place for retreats?

Béke, harmónia, jelen-idő


As a retreat place, it cares about you: inspires, stimulates your creativity, broadens your consciousness. When you come with an open mind and heart you shall get closer to harmony with nature and with your inner self. The kinds of exercises that harmonise with the soul of this place are: yoga, meditation, concentration, massage, qi-gong, "here and now" retreats, breathing exercises, creative harmony, spiritual growth, business meetings with the intention to build and create, team-building.

35 kms from Budapest with easy access | Direct connection with the Danube river | Unspoiled, peaceful, serene environment with good energies | 3000 sqm area with garden, trees, bushes, herbs and ornamentals | Large, covered, winter-proof terrace with Danube view | Sauna with chakra-lights, vibrational sound system and illuminated mountain-crystal | Salt-room, illuminated salt-bricks, salt-ionizator, chakra-lights, vibrational sound system and starry night ceiling | Covered, winter-proof bar right at the Danube | External M/F toilet, shower | Cooling chamber (4 sqm) | Hammock | Sunroof | Pool | Kayak-canoe | Wood-fired oven, open-fire kettle, grill | Washing machine | Freezer |



Only the entire place is rented out, that is, we only cater for one reservation at a time (taking into account the capacity constraints, as specified). we follow the concept of "first come first serve". This means that in case of your valid reservation the entire place is yours and yours only, for the duration of your stay.

The Cottage offers three rooms, each with separate, secluded entrance (2 studios - each with kitchen and a private middle room). Each room is equipped with toilet, basin, shower and fridge. The salt room in the wellness house is perfectly suitable for a unique sleeping experience for two. The Cottage is an ideal venue for retreats with smaller number of guests. Its accommodation capacity is between 14-16 (with tent) during warm season and 8-10 during cold season.

The ideal headcount in case of intraday retreats and programs is 20.

You may explore the place further under sections Rooms and F.A.Q.

Prices, conditions


As wishes and needs for each retreat are unique, our prices (price quotes) for every retreat are tailored to reflect those wishes and needs. Our standard starting prices are as follows. These prices include V.A.T. as well as full access to the amenities and infrastructure of the Cottage:


(a) Organised, intraday retreats/ programs, without accommodation: from HUF 6,000 forint / person.


(b) Organised, multiple day retreats with accommodation: from HUF 9,000 forint / person.


More info about retreat prices are addressed under F.A.Q.

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