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"Here & Now" Private Retreat (all details below)  

You might have heard someone wishing you to “realize your full potential” or “live life to the full” or be “high on life”. They sound very similar but what do they mean? A fundamental condition to get closer to this state is your conscious ability to stay in the present moment.

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Use the table below to explore the details and background material with regard to the retreat (points 16-30).

For technical reasons the content are presented in both Hungarian and English at the same time.

The fundamental challenge

It is, that past and future are mere illusions, no life, no creation there! Yet, our attention, mostly, is in one of the two and jump between them unchecked and compulsively. Unnoticed (i.e. keeping our awareness and attention in sleepwalk), we keep ourselves out of the present moment, our only reality.  We carry the packs of self-created suffering and pain in forms of negative emotions and project them to the future, to others, to imagined situations. This is when anger, suffering, sadness, fear and stress are our reality with our energies wasted, our potential not realised.

The purpose of the retreat

It is to keep your attention and awareness in the "here & now; find joy and peace in these moments and stay with them. You create these moments (for yourself). Living every moment in an aware and conscious state is as spiritual and divine in quality, as it can be. Whatever you do, feel or think as long as you are aware (i.e. you know that you know = awareness) and you are aware that you are aware (conscious awareness = consciousness) is the best and most you can do for yourself. This is a state of attention and observation, a source of peace and joy. Then, your life energies start to align with what you sense and what you feel: you are ready to invite bliss and even ecstasy. With higher energy state your health, creativity and manifestation power increases massively.

What are you going to do during the retreat?

First of all, the retreat is about you and about you only. This means that the number of participants at the retreat is one, and, in exceptional cases, maximum two.


What we do during the retreat are activities and exercises tailored to you, so that your conscious attention and concentration improves, your awareness stays in the "NOW". Such exercises are for instance concentration, breathing, meditation, games and any other activities that you like/ feel like doing and can be executed there. What matters is that you stay in the present moment. My main role is a helping, guiding, facilitating role, so that you keep yourself in the present moment.  The more you spend in the "here & now" the faster and deeper your thought patterns start to change, the more your (negative) thoughts/ thought patterns (and their chemistry) start to change. You start to get closer to realizing your full potential...

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