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Grow! - Coaching, guidance, facilitation

How do I help?

23 yrs- in banking and investments | ​22 yrs- actively used English | 17 yrs- working and living abroad​ | 12 yrs to "C" suite executive level | 10+ cultures directly exposed to | 6 major areas- In-depth experience in 6 areas of banking | Numerous soft and technical skills | 1000+ supporting material produced |

1000+ books, videos read, watched | 100% passion

I assist you in the form of sharing, guiding, coaching, facilitating, hosting, whichever serves your goal best. What is shared, coached, guided, hosted, etc. comes exclusively from what I have experienced, acquired or created to date. In case I cannot help, I tell you right away. During our interaction, I give you my undivided attention and 100% of myself, a truly personalised service.

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Your coach/ guide through change

Undergoing major change and feeling an aversion to it? It is OK. Part of our innate nature: the unknown, uncertainties, mental conditioning activate the fear factor. Mostly, this leads to the projection of past negative experiences into the future/ future situations.

There is a conscious and aware path to manage change. Change is an enabler: it brings either the best or the worst out of you. You can turn things around to work in your favour.

At the sessions, you discover the skills and resources that are at your disposal to manage change to your advantage. We make sure you can readily rely on those resources.

The only sense you can make out of change is that you embrace it. After all, you have a responsibility in manifesting it into your reality. Face-to-face sessions are preferred, video calls are acceptable (with conditions).

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Your coach for professional growth
Csúcsra járatva

Sessions are offered to those bankers and investment professionals who wish to advance/ change their career path. Those who intend to improve growth potential in any of the areas and skills specified among the details, are also welcome!

Areas in focus are: internal audit, compliance, operational risk management, change management, governance, policies, internal control, essential soft and technical skills.

As part of coaching, I share methods, knowledge, experiences, advice that are accumulated from my 23 active years.

The sessions are tailor-made and are on a one-on-one basis; you get all the quality time and attention from me that you need. While preference is given to face-to-face sessions video calls are also acceptable (most of the time).

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Your coach to boost your English skills
Kommunikálj könnyedén angolul

What is offered is a natural, effective, somewhat unorthodox approach to sensitively improve your English language skills and your confidence with it.


The sessions are tailored to your needs and circumstances. The subjects/ themes will be those that you love so that you can live your emotions, vision and motivation with them. Strong emotions and senses are one secret behind good memory and strong language skills! Further, we somewhat follow the way we learn our native language. The focus is on live environment, everything is derived from that.

It is important that you dare to make mistakes. In fact, the more you are ready to err, the faster you see your skills and confidence grow.

The course is effective for those with a minimum of basic level of English. Face-to-face sessions are preferred, video calls are acceptable (with conditions).

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Invest in yourself and enjoy what you do!

Not sure or have questions? Call or mail me first. I get back to you as quickly as I can. If you feel it is better to meet in person, feel free to initiate a personal consultation, face-to-face. The personal consultation fee  is HUF 10,000 / hr. If you use any of my services, this fee will be deducted from the price.

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