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Privát stég, naplemente

Private Retreat in the "Here and Now"


You weed out what you do not need,

So that, you feel better and happier

Our wandering thoughts are like the types of weeds we do not want in our garden. Either we let them (subconsciously, not paying attention) grow to dominate our lawn or patio or we let conscious creation in. "Here and Now" is our only reality: whatever we think, feel, do or create we think feel, do and create them now, in this dimension. The miracle of peace, joy and creation resides only in the "here and now".

The purpose of the retreat is to make steps towards the inner experience of joy, harmony, creative power and conscious creation. This is a long journey on which I am there with you to facilitate your start or progress.

If everything happens in the "here and now", then where do so much negative emotions come from? Suffering, fear, anxiety, chaos, anger, frustration, disappointment, projection, etc: we experience such emotions in our lives so many times. Why so, that these emotions appear to be so real and indicate a significant source of stress to us? Why so the longing for being away from where we are or how we are?  Why the fear, why the very little quality time we spent with ourselves? Why is our life unsuccessful? Why are we incapable bringing more out of ourself?

The answers and solutions lie inside you. Some ways, you find the answer to the "why" in the text that comes. But, perhaps, the question of "what shall I do to create and live a complete and happier life?" is more relevant.


The retreat helps to give yourself to relaxation and observation. Yes, just observe what is around and inside you. Give your attention to where you are: the present time. My role is a facilitator role; that role is best served when I give my attention to you and to the actions that keep you in the present moment.

Why "Here and Now"?

Do you know that 95% of our thoughts, habits, behavioural and emotional patterns are unconsciously programmed and are being routinely repetitive day-in-day-out? Only 5% of them are consciously chosen. In other words, we live through the same thought- and emotional experiences on a daily basis and hence give the same routine (unconscious) answers to the challenges at hand. This is particularly true for recurring daily situations recognised as being stressful (where stress is being the primary source of illness).  The energetics of our thoughts and emotions, through the hormones produced by our body, may sustain health or may be the cause of illness: stress, lack of harmony, rat race, negative thought and emotional patterns, illness. Whatever negative event "happens" to us we certainly have created it and invited into our life (not consciously, of course). Vainly, do we lay the blame on others or display ourselves as being the victim, it effects our health in the end. We carry our own skin to the market.

Where do these unconscious negative thought-patterns, reactions, their chemistry with it come from? They come from the past and future. It comes from the pain (painful experiences)  sunken into and carried by our subconscious mind in the form of anger, sadness, resentment, etc. Then it comes from the projection of such experiences into the future, into others, into imaginary future situations in the form of fear. We live our days in alert-, stress- and survival mode without peace, joy and growth.  This is not the path of freedom and conscious creation.

The retreat helps you to change these patterns, transcend negative experiences and turn the into your advantage. You may only achieve this in the dimension of "here and now".

A typical daily program

Evening program 16:00 - 00:00

Healthy refreshment, snack, Q&A;

Relaxation-, concentration or meditation exercise in the sauna or salt chamber;

Light supper (jointly prepared);


Observing silence/ breathing exercise/ brainwave meditation (choice);


Morning program 06:30 - 12:30

Awakening (welcome life, nature, Universe);

Coffee/ tea/ fresh juice;

Breathing exercise;

Breakfast (jointly prepared);


Morning exercise in the fields of  consciousness, concentration or activities around the garden/ estate;

Relaxation-, mediation-, breathing exercise;

Lunch (jointly prepared);


Afternoon program 12:30 - 16:00


Afternoon exercise in the fields of  consciousness, concentration or activities around the garden/ estate;

Relaxation-, concentration or meditation exercise in the sauna or salt chamber;

Afternoon snack;


How do you enrich yourself?

Ability to dissolve, transform negative thought-patterns (and their chemistry) | Slowly but surely, ability to cope with stress-situations that drain your life force Strengthen conscious attention, awareness, concentration


Increased energy level, a condition for health and creative power | Ability to consciously observe thoughts, emotions and perception | Ability to sense that the source of peace and joy is within you ("here and now")


Get to know and gradually apply the pillars of consciousness | Increase your energy level through the breathing-, concentration- and meditation exercises | Start out a path (that we all start one day) of your choice!


The peace and tranquility of a charming Danube riverside environment helps you with what you are about to begin.

Further details





The retreat is about you and about you only! This means that the retreat will answer to one, in exceptional cases two participants at a time.


Minimum: 1 full day, that is primarily about increasing concentration and energy levels. Recommended: 2-3 days Ideal: 5 days. Then sustainable results will be achieved through sustained exercises.


As agreed on a case-by-case basis.


Tailor-made conditions are applicable to retreats longer than 3 days, subject to separate agreement.

1 participant

1 full day: HUF 80,000; 2 full days: HUF 140,000; 3 full days: HUF 180,000;

2 participants / 1 couple

1 fulll day: HUF 40,000 / fő; 2 full days: HUF 70,000 / fő; 3 teljes nap: HUF 60,000 / fő;



VAT, my compensation as a facilitator; access to the entire infrastructure of the estate; accommodation; cleaning; firewood (e.g. oven, camp-fire,); water, tea, (coffee), three meals per day.



Travel costs


Szamosi Gábor

T: +36 30 2546129


Cím: Grow in Joy Kft. 2339, Majosháza, Széchenyi sétány 309



At present, booking can be settled by cash or transfer only. The booking becomes valid when the advance payment of 30% has reached the account as follows:





HU86 1174 2252 2554 4088 0000 0000

For the retreat to remain valid, the full amount is due by one day day prior to start date, the latest. In case of cash payments the amount is due by the start date.

The cancellation is free of charge and up to 30 days prior to start date. Any advance payments will be returned in that case. In case of cancellations below 30 prior to start date a cancellation fee of 30% will be applied (that is, the amount of the advance payment). In case of no show, all payments received to date will be accounted as cancellation fee, with no reimbursement.


No alcohol in any form will be available during the Retreat. Consumption of alcohol is a deal-breaker. Noticing it will entail immediate termination of the program with no reimbursement due for the rest of the remaining time of the retreat.

If the program is for you please apply, otherwise kindly share with those who might be interested. Thank you!

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