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About me, how do I work/ help?


The only thing we can control is how we think, feel (and act). For this, we are responsible and liable.

The idea of creation in our expansive universe is fascinating. The ability to manifest our desires is a divine quality and is inherently there in every one of us. We create our life with our thoughts, emotions and energies.

My passion and joy is alive when you grow, since when you grow, I grow. When our interaction brings you closer to manifesting your desires, I get closer too. When you grow and enrich yourself in your professional, personal and spiritual life as a result of our interactions, I grow too.


So, when you choose to join, we participate in a mutually enriching process. And that is fantastic!

I assist you in the form of sharing, guiding, coaching, facilitating, hosting, whichever serves your goal best. What is shared, coached, guided, hosted, etc. comes exclusively from what I have experienced, acquired or created to date. In case I cannot help, I tell you right away. During our interaction, I give you my undivided attention and 100% of myself, a truly personalised service.

Invest in yourself and enjoy the ride!

How do I work and help?

In four words, in everything I do: with clarity, with attention, with creativity, with hospitality. I offer all I have: knowledge, experiences, resources, know-how, environment, attention. I work with you (in a role that is most suitable) so that you can achieve growth and your aspirations. Equally important is that you enjoy whatever you do. If you do not, it is not yours.

Clarity is required to define where you are, where you want to be and how strongly you feel about it. The result is clear goals, a feasible action plan and a strong drive.

Attention, that includes properties such as focus and concentration, guides you to do the right thing and do it consistently, in the present moment. Your focus and concentration are about your actions and your time used efficiently.

Creativity, that has the act of creation, is required to turn your vision and goals into your reality, as a result of your actions. For this, you need your (positive) thoughts, emotions and life energy to be aligned. Your creativity works best in a meditative state. Achieving this state, is one of the components during our sessions.

Hospitality, that has the act of hosting, is the manifestation of all the other three concepts: the clarity, attention, care and creativity that I apply to create the environment, service and guidance for your growth and for our mutually enriching experience.

Explore the details of my professional career path via LinkedIn (see icon). On this page, you only find a summary.

Until 2017

By what I have been doing, I am a banking professional with 22 years of experience coming from financial institutions in Hungary, Europe and Asia. My professional exposure concentrates on internal auditing, compliance, change management, risk management, governance and internal control. I had a fulfilling working career; it was an organic one, touching through all steps of the ladder. I had started as an employee in a small local wholesale bank in Hungary (1995) and reached the “C” suite executive level of an institution with a large multinational behind (2007). In 2013, I chose to adjust my career and work as an advisor to financial services companies.

Since 2017

I have been through a personal and professional transformation. I work as a freelance now. Another sort of passion relates to the environment that surrounds me. True joy comes with playing with/ creation of space, beauty, harmony, functionality of real estates. In other words, maximizing the true potential of a house, and apartment or an environment in harmony with nature and cost-effectively.

Since 2018

My transformation process peaks with the choice to enter the field of professional and personal growth and self-empowerment. I share what I have so that you broaden your knowledge base to reach significant growth in your career, personal life or deepen spiritual experiences.

Since 2019

Inception of Grow in Joy as a company that offers and/ or organises rooms, events, retreats, riverside experiences and coaching services. These services, primarily, take place in a charming natural environment with a direct connection to the Danube River; see more here: (GALLERY). and, in case of coaching services, in home offices with central location in Buda or Pest. The cornerstone of the company's philosophy is that our services serve your growth and your joy factor (positive emotion) that puts your growth in motion. In other words feelings of joy supports your inner growth.

(a) GROWTH refers to organic personal and professional advancement, expansion through recreation, physical recharge, well-being, wider knowledge-base, positive experiences on the one hand, AND inner growth, spiritual experiences, broader consciousness through retreats, exercises led by qualified, experienced masters, on the other. What is growth? Exploring and using our highest potential and creativity and experiencing a fuller life.

(b) The role of JOY and a relaxed state is essential as only in this state are we able to pursue growth: positive attitude and perspective to life, positive thoughts and emotions, living through "here and now".

We provide numerous services under the umbrella of "growth" and "joy".

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