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Your coach to boost your English skills

English language has been part of my professional and personal life, in the past 22 years (of which 17 years abroad). This passion continues today.

Are you fed up with classroom-type learning, fix subjects, bookish methods, exercise-, test- and grammar oriented approach? Feel frustrated because you are not progressing at your natural pace? Or because what you have learned is not practical, cannot use in real life?

If you are serious about substantially improving your English language skills, I can help you.

What I offer is a communication-intensive, practical approach whereby the sessions are customised to your goals and wishes. Subjects and topics for your learning are those that are close to your heart. The approach allows you to go with the speed that you can take, but slightly out of your comfort zone.


About the "heart-brain-interaction" method


The method followed uses your intelligence as much as it uses your positive emotions and common sense. Have you come across an approach that explicitly embraces emotional intelligence? This method aims at deeper, faster and lasting learning experience through the optimum and aligned use of both your cognitive intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ). In short, your heart and mind, when used in harmony, are able to enhance and accelerate your learning.

Check out details under the points of F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions):

For technical reasons the points cannot be displayed in separate languages. The English version is available under points #13-24.

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