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If consciousness and awareness are our spiritual essence, then change is our essence in duality, i.e. in our physical state or ego state. Our life is influenced by so many factors, it is impossible to keep track even part of those, let alone influence it. Technically, change is the transition between the two opposites of the various dimensions and attributes of duality: ill <=> healthy, low <=> high, unhappy <=> happy, poor <=> rich, fear <=> love, depression <=> happiness, war <=> peace, failure <=> success, etc. Opposites in the continuum of attributes.

Think about this deeper. "Change" can be seen as a synonym for "life" on the one hand and can be viewed as the antonym of "life" on the other. It depends how we define "life" and perceive it to be. With "change" the job is a bit easier: the perception about things (how you/ I sense, think, feel about them) is no longer how it used to be perceived. Two important elements here: (a) it is about perception, (2) it is about responsibility.

The only thing that we can fully control is the way we sense, think, feel, come about things. In this, we are fully responsible. So, change is as much within us as outside us, and again, the two are ONE.


Through the sessions, you shall experience that you have all the arsenal, to manage change to your advantage, readily at your disposal. You can activate that arsenal any time and come out as a winner. If you really want it to.

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